Tuesday, January 29, 2008


To break the cycle of worry and fear, I'm learning to focus all my attention on this very moment. I can turn away from destructive thoughts and concentrate instead on the sights and sounds around me: light and shadows, the earth beneath my feet, the pulse of everyday living -- all pieces of the here-and-now. (Courage to Change - January 10)

So many folk are speaking to me of living one day at a time. To be in the moment. A way to pull my thoughts out of the fear cycle. A tool to stop the negative thought stream. A way to start a spot check. Check out my thinking, my motives, get myself turned around. Pointed in the right direction. Kinda like checking God's compass to get my bearing.

Bondage of fear, slave to worry. I don't need to be there. The time I first put myself in God's hands, to put my trust in a power greater than myself, was life changing. The beginning of freedom. Only I can put myself back into bondage.

My councillor suggested I read "Love is Letting Go of Fear" I read the following paragraph in the introduction:

We have been given everything we need to be happy now. To look directly at this instant is to be at peace. This means we have no interest in how Love will provide for us in the future. And we are unconcerned with what we said or did in the past, or whether someone we think mistreated us will get what he deserves. To be fully content within this moment is a state of mind so powerful in its ability to heal and extend peace that it cannot be even hinted at in words. Anxiety -- the only alternative to trusting what is happening -- is a state of immobilization caused by our focusing on what we believe cannot be changed: on what is over, or on what had not occurred.

It amazes me how universal the tools of AA are. They can be found in all sorts of places. Cool.

I am so grateful for this program. For how it changes me and helps me accept others as they are instead of how I want them to be. Being able to do that opens so many doors. Fear and doubt can close those doors, but willingness opens the door again.

Thanks for letting me share.


pat said...

Now go ahead and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read your post. Thanks, it really helped me alot. You are awesome!

Pam said...

thank you for coming by my blog! This is an awesome journey.