Tuesday, February 12, 2008


How do I view the world and people around me? Any way that I choose. It's up to be to put on the dark shades. To be fearful, angry, depressed. I can put on the rose coloured ones and see the world through false hope where everything is going to be okay. I can put on the magnifying glasses and find fault in anyone close to me. I can put on the mirrored ones and find fault with myself. I could make up a long list of how I could see the world through negativity and judgement. Me deciding what's true or whats not. Me me me, it's all about me. (Mmmmm, sounds like opera.)

And then there's that paragraph from the big book that reads:

This is the how and why of it. First of all, we had to quit playing God. It didn't work. Next, we decided that hereafter in this drama of life, God was going to be our Director. He is the Principal; we are His agents. He is the Father, and we are His children. Most good ideas are simple, and this concept was the keystone of the new and triumphant arch through which we passed to freedom.

When we sincerely took such a position, all sorts of remarkable things followed. We had a new Employer. Being all powerful, He provided what we needed, if we kept close to Him and performed His work well. Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs. More and more we became interested in seeing what we could contribute to life. As we felt new power flow in, as we enjoyed peace of mind, as we discovered we could face life successfully, as we became conscious of His presence, we began to lose our fear of today, tomorrow or the hereafter. We were reborn. (page 62 from the big book)

I could choose to wear the crystal clear lens of God. To see the world as seen by God. To stay in the moment. To practise acceptance. To see the best in people. To be hopeful. To have faith. To be helpful. To turn my will and my life over to God. My thinking and my actions.

All that negative thinking was the truth for me. Why would I not make an effort to change these thoughts? Why can't I align my thinking with Gods? To accept this world as my Higher Power accepts it. No reason why not. I suspect that's what God would want.

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Anonymous said...

Good post today. You are turning into quite the Big Book study. Keep up the good work,and sending hugs and love to Kim from you as soon as I see her.