Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rule 62?

Reading folks fine blogs and I noticed that some were trying this book quiz thingy. I've avoided all those quiz things before but I thought this one was interesting. That I might learn something useful about myself. Be careful what you ask for!

You're Waiting for Godot!

by Samuel Beckett

Many people think you're extremely dull, but you're just trying to be patient. Really patient. Patient to the point of absurdity, quite frankly. Whatever you're waiting for isn't going to just come along, so you can stop waiting. I promise. Move on with your life. Change of scenery might do you good. Heck, any scenery might do you good. In the meantime, you do make for very interesting conversation.

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Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

That book quiz is fun -- the results are fitting for most people, in an odd kind of way. I don't know about yours though. I wouldn't call you dull or say that what you're waiting for isn't coming. But my book results seem to indicate I'm incomprehensible, so maybe I shouldn't talk! :)

indistinct said...

Thank you, MPJ. The book the quiz brought has some truth. In the past, I've always chosen the safest path. When it comes to career and family, there wasn't much left to chance. If something was working, why change it.

Even today, when trying to think that maybe a change in job might be healthy, I have to force myself to do the work, to look at possibilities. So, the book quiz results were accurate.


And, as an aside, I had no trouble comprehending your words!

pat said...

This last quote really made me smile because it is so damn true.