Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fill in the blank

I told myself, that I am to start commenting more often. Not just read the entry, read the comments and flee. I know this sounds funny but that's how I feel. I close the window on the blank box, feeling like I've failed somehow.

So, I can go two ways. Just keep on not commenting or face my fears and type away, what ever comes out. I'm going to try the latter but I'm not making any promises or commitments either. I don't like feeling guilty.

Should prove to be interesting and I know it's going to be challenging.

I wonder what it means when I make such a big chore out of saying "hello"? .. grin ..


dAAve said...

There's NO reason to feel bad or guilty if you have nothing to say. Sometimes, I only say hello. Just to let someone know I'm there. Often, however, I say nothing. No one expects anything.

Anonymous said...

I feel the very same way walking out of a meeting without thanking the speaker or saying hi to at least one person.

It is easier to walk away than be rejected.

....for awhile