Sunday, November 16, 2008


So here he is, my second grandson. As innocent as he is ever going to be. He felt so fragile in my hands, and for a while he lay still, looking around, content, I could just stare at him, drinking him in, falling in love. 

Watching my partner makes it look so natural to hold a baby, she does it with confidence to spare. She enjoyed motherhood and being a grandmother is just part of her. We have gratitude that we can be part of these childrens lives. 

His Mom and Dad are tired. Mom is discovering all the complications that come with natural feeding. They are doing well otherwise. I remember how we felt when our first child came home with us and I imagine it's the same for them. It's a pleasure to watch them, so listen to them share their experiences over the past week. Just as with our other grandchild, who's about 4 now, how our daughter does such a good job at raising him. Watching our kids at responsible adults fills me with gratitude.

I've started a writing course earlier this week. Just a six week introduction to the craft of writing.  I won't be writing here so often for the next while, there is only so much time. 

As for fears, I've started to imagine them as being tied to a helium ballon and floating away from me, out of my reach. It's fun imagery and helps me gain a measure of serenity in my day to day. 

I guess I really came here just to brag about my grandson. To share a photo of him. Someone said that I should make effort in noticing the things that make me happy. To acknowledge each time I feel happy, no matter how small or fleeting. It is amazing what makes me happy. Right now, the cat sitting on the window sill beside be, alternativly watching me or the scenery outside. Small but fun. Holding my grandson's? Big time!


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Congratulations again! And thanks for sharing the photo. He's beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hank, he's beautiful!! I can *almost smell that wonderful fragrance of new baby from here. Enjoy him and thanks for sharing.

~m2~ said...

purest of the pure, so lovely and pristine, unaffected, untouched (although born with, inherently) by sin.

many blessings. truly a miracle, even now.

Lou said...

I had to smile because my husband found a picture he took of me and our daughter in the hospital the day she was born (over 30 years ago). We had just talked about the day, and how we felt then.(overwhelmed, scared, clueless)
Then I read this post, and you remembering back to your first.

He's beautiful!

Laura said...

The snippet of your grandson is just beautiful and your thoughts even more so.

Good luck on your writing class...I don't think they need to hone your skills all that much more!

Our grandchildren truly are the reward for growing older and doing the best we could.

A big hug to grandpa Henk!

AlkySeltzer said...

Oh, what wonder, the birth of a child! And the beat goes on.....May God bless your family, Hank!

Shadow said...

he is beautiful!!! i too remember, just after having my one, how daunting everything felt. lots of love to the parents! a writing course. that's sounds like fun, enjoy!

Cat said...

Beautiful baby - and I love the idea of my fears and a helium baloon flighting away from me. - thank you for that today- Cat


Beautiful - precious baby! Thanks for the picture.

I love the image of my fears floating away tied to a helium balloon.

I find many times it is the smallest, simplest things that can fill me with total joy. What a gift to be able to experience this joy. It wasn't always so.

Just Another Sober Guy said...

Congrats on the newest addition to your family! I remember when mine were born and, although I was still active at that time, I recognized the miracle.

I love the image of my fears drifting off with a large helium ballon, thank you for that!