Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wanna dance?

I listend to a podcast where Michail Franti was interviewed by May Hines on the CBC radion show Tapestry. I had never heard of him but his spirituality and his music were intriguing. Anyone that goes to Bagdad to play music on a street corner has gotta be interesting.

I think where I get intrigued is that I could never imagine doing something like that. In the past, my life has been controlled by my fears, and while I am pushing my boundries out, I can still feel fear, even when walking into an AA meeting. I can push past that feeling and do what is needed but I hope to continue to grow. Anyhow, 

If you like, here is a link to the pod cast:  Tapestry   It was broadcast on Nov 16.

I really like this song:


Cat said...

I like that song allot!

big Jenn said...

Absolutely LOVED IT! Thank you. I haven't listened to the pod cast yet but will. Thank you for sharing that.I have a very good friend who travels all over the world and rides motorcycles, whatever they can rent. He's been to some pretty amazing places. They stay away from the touristy stuff and are always out the real sites. I think it is so brave. I feel like you. I want to travel and see the world, but I'm afraid.
How cool, it made my day.jeNN

Shadow said...

fear and boundaries.... not my favourite words those... but, anything is doable if you want it bad enough i suppose.