Monday, December 15, 2008

Life's okay

Someone turned on the air conditioning this past weekend. The frigid air that's been punishing the prairies has finally found it's way to the west coast, dumping a blanket of white over the neighbourhood, temperatures dipping down to -5 (C) and strong winds that seem to punch the cold air right through my clothing. That cats don't want to go outside. But today, the sun is supposed to come out. I can't tell, it still dark out but I did see the moon when I got up.

When things are going okay in my life I have to resort to writing about the weather. No real drama, no interesting conflict to report. No desire even to fill out another blog entry.

I have one more week to go in my writing course. That has been a lot of fun, very insightful, lots of good tips and I'm glad I am taking it. Working on my final piece, pouring a lot of time into it, is proving what I already like about writing: that it gives lots of insight into the writer. I grow and change as I write. The reason I started to journal and then to blog.

I am alive and well, grateful to be sober and clean. That my struggles with the holidays seems to have settled down. I am grateful for sober friends and a sober household. My son has been clean and sober for a month now. He's been going to meetings regularly and has a sponsor. I am thankful that my partner and I haven't had any big conflict's, that my ego is staying cut down. I am thankful for the fruit of working the steps.

The work today is staying comfortable during these days of calm. Not to create a bit of conflict which seems to give my mind some focus. To keep on keeping on.

Thanks for letting me share..

Photo Credit: Steve took it


Lou said...

I'm envious of the writing course!
And happy to hear about your son.

God Bless.

Indigo said...

These are the moments you keep in your heart, written upon a page for when life gets a bit can see at one time or another there was calm and it can be found again. Peaceful entry dear friend.

As for the writing itself, you can always find the writer within the words.(Hugs)Indigo

big Jenn said...

Great post. I think your writing might be better too. Of course what do I know? My post was not edited and I groaned after I published it! jeNN

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love this post and love to hear about weather too! Writing is the one journey we can take and share in our soul... Hugs

Findon said...

What a lovely post. Wonderful images in my head. I noticed you'd stppoed by mine, so I thought I would say hello again.

Cat said...

I like the last paragraph the most - it is something I find I have to work on daily - not creating any unrest when times are peaceful and still.