Saturday, December 6, 2008


So who wants to admit they learned a lesson from Shrek's Christmas special? There is a scene where total chaos breaks out in the Christmas celebration and Shrek looses his cool. Ends up by kicking all his uninvited guests out of his home. I was there with him, I thought he had done the right thing. It's what I would have done.

But he gets chastised by his spouse, who told him what Christmas is about and it certainly isn't about getting my own way. She takes the kids and leaves him, off to apologize for him. I guess I had better not sponsor Shrek, I'll just be an enabler.

That is some of my big self-pity at holiday times. That my protected little world gets full of people I wouldn't normally hang out with. I loose my ability to control my circumstances. I make the holiday about me. (No big surprise here.) If I had my way, the holidays would be banned. Not so for my partner, she loves to have lots of folk over, family and friends, the more the merrier.

So, I have to let my walls down, accept whats coming over the next few weeks. And I know I'll struggle to keep my boundaries reasonable. Work at keeping the walls down. Work at doing my Higher Power's will and avoiding mine.

Thanks Shrek.


steveroni said...

For many years I have escaped (denied?) the holiday frenzies. By being very busy. I'm a violin player.

Next time I put my head above the water to breath, it will be 2009!


Sobriety and change is a lot of hard work.

I think maintaining this during Holiday times can sometimes require even more work.

I find it "worth it".

Good luck and God bless.

big Jenn said...

I love having people around too. I just want them to all act the way I want them too!! hmmmm...
I don't know how to do balance with this issue. The healthier I've gotten the less I'm around my abusive family. Unfortunately I'm missing the good stuff too. When I learn how to do this I'll let you know jeNN

Shadow said...

you and me both. crowds... sometime i wish THEY didn't exist... i'm kinda apprehensive of the holidays too. 18+ hours to fill with... what??? i ask. normally work fills at least 8. but, no way around it. gotta go through it right. this weekend i kinda got 'outta' myself, and it was amazingly good. gonna try for that on all the upcoming lazy summer holiday days....

Fishstyx said...

My kids play all the Pixar movies over and over and I used to hate them until AA. Now I find all sorts of 12 step messages in them. Finding Nemo is chock full of them.