Friday, February 6, 2009


I wanted to play the letter game so I asked Indigo if she had a spare one. She presented me with the letter H. Thank you. So here it goes in alphabetical order, my 10 favorite words that begin with that letter. If you wanna play, I got one or two in my pocket.

Hands: Create. Support. Build. Hold. Shield. Touch. Massage. Wave. Control. Tickle. Open. Write.

Haida: I live on the west coast of Canada and when I hike through the woods, the unusual sounds of Raven can fill the air. They make the most unusual sounds that can give me goose bumps. The Haida have many stories , including those of Raven, the trickster. As I hear his call, I think of his tricks and briefly wonder just what he's up to.

: I like to sing. I like to sing in big choirs where my voice and I just dissappear into the sound being made by many. To create chorded sounds blending into melody is just so much fun. Two of my favorite pieces to sing were Handle's Messiah and another piece (who's composer and title escape me) which had the funnest discords to sing. Challenging for us, trying to keep the discord tight.

Healing: The changes in our lives when we give up and let God. And the healing is not just for me, it works through my entire family. I feel so blessed to have been invited into the rooms of A.A. and through that, into a new relationship with the Potter, having learned to be yeilded (at least sometimes.)

Heart: The place, when cracked open, brought the distruction of my cave and allowed the brightness of living to pour into my spirit. The light displacing the darkness that had invaded my person. The place where life it, where I can face all the hurts and pain without having to hide in a bottle. The place that my Higher Power busted open. When Bill Wilson talks about walking in the sun shine, I just get filled with gratitude.

: I had my most memorable flight aboard one of these. The company I work for had arranged for us to travel to another mill to examine some equipment and the flight was incredible. Flying over mountain passes, glaciers so close we could almost touch them, the valleys below forming sharp V's that we were flying through. The scenery was close and breath taking. When we arrived at our destination, it was clouded over so the pilot headed out to sea, got below the cloud cover, and then proceeded to fly up a river, under the low clouds. Sharp, banking turns all the way. I just loved that experience.

Helix: Make that a double. How we are made, what makes not just humans but every living creating tick and reproduce. How our DNA is like this amazing program that keeps on being a part of life, helping make us what we are. Just as I can gaze up into the stars and have my breath taken away by the wonder of it all, the miracle of life can fill me full of awe. I don't proport to understand any of it but it fills me with a sense of God.

Higher Power: The night I prayed, while I was in a treatment centre, was the day that I found the courage to start working through my feelings. The courage to start working towards recovery even though my feelings screamed that I needed to go hide. To give up living in self-pity and live life on lifes terms and not my own. Where I started my journey in trusting is something bigger than just myself. I still can cry when I share this moment at a meeting.

Hold: Standing in a circle, hands connected, eyes closed, speaking the serenity prayer or the Lord's prayer. The connectedness of that moment.

Holland: Place of my roots. I was born there but only lived there a couple, three years. My parents immigrated to Canada when the cold war started to heat up in the mid fifties. My dad had been a young child during World War 2 and didn't want to go through another war. I returned a few times as a child and have so many found memories of my Oma and Opa.

Hercogamous: I have no idea what this means but I don't know if I'm feeling strong or anonymous when I say it. Or perhaps it's just a word that belongs to my partner.

Photo Credit: Eva, the Weaver


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post -- thank you.


steveroni said...

So many good "H" words. But you had me sitting right next to you on that helicopter ride. I was ready to sell the bike, then remembered that, at age 75, I might have trouble getting a license.

But it WAS a good ride.

Thank you, H.

Indigo said...

I'm smiling! I knew you would be one of those people who would take the letter and find beauty in words.

I was truly pleased to see Haida up there. He resides at the top of my totem. I've been told by a shaman not unlike the Raven, I seem to have one foot in both worlds.

Yes, he's a trickster...the impish personality I attribute myself. Legend has it Raven is also the light bringer. One of the reasons he is blackened, is because he was scorched flying too close to the sun to steal the light for this world.

I think we've both discovered the beauty and healing of our sobriety. (Hugs)

Annette said...

Great words....ok I will play. Pass the torch, hand me over a letter please. :o)

dAAve said...

Well done.

Shadow said...

okay, your closing h got me giggling... need to look that up now. my favourite is harmony, in notes, but in my world too...