Sunday, December 27, 2009

Acceptance of self.

In the March 1962 edition of the Grapevine, Bill W. wrote the following:

Our very first problem is to accept our present circumstances as they are, ourselves as we are, and the people about us as they are. This is to adopt a realistic humility without which no genuine advance can even begin. Again and again, we shall need to return to that unflattering point of departure. This is an exercise in acceptance that we can profitably practice every day of our lives.

Provided we strenuously avoid turning these realistic surveys of the facts of life into unrealistic alibis for apathy or defeatism, they can be the sure foundation upon which increased emotional health and therefore spiritual progress can be built.

I woke this morning feeling negative and judgmental. It's like my universe is unstable and some outside influence is going to tip it on it's side.

The longer I practise the 12 steps of recovery, the less I know. That's a good thing for it causes me to look at the experiences of others and they hope they offer. It helps me not to go inwards to find the solution.

So, for this morning, the message is that I am to accept myself, accept others, and accept the circumstance that surround me. Acceptance is the adoption of humility, a humility which will help us to grow. Bill W. uses the word "strenuously" in describing the effort we must make to avoid apathy or defeatism. To quote someone famous, "I am what I am and that's all that I am." This morning, I am what my Higher Power wants me to be and I am going to face life being this person. Acceptance.

A report on Yesterday. It was filled with family. The crowd is much thinner than it was on Christmas day. A board game tournament is underway. Our town was (and still is) covered in a blanket of fog, so we hiked up a nearby mountain for some time in the brilliant sun. Lots of conversation, laughter, complaining over the steepness of the trail. As I reflect on the day, I am filled with gratitude for the changes in all our lives.

Now I'm trying to tell myself that grumpiness is a good thing! Thanks for reading.

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Madison said...

Wasn't that Popeye, the sailor man? I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the sailor man. Sounds like you have a pretty good life.

Syd said...

Acceptance is a great thing. I am finally coming to accept who I am. And I sorta like what I see.