Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I fell back asleep this morning, after the alarm went off. Slept for another half hour. Guess I needed that. Gonna keep it short.

I've withdrawn from the course, wanting to concentrate on other area's in my life. Still feeling sad about that decision.

I feel a lot of gratitude for the comments, the care, and the compassion of fellow recovery bloggers. Folk who take time out of their busy days to visit, to write in their own blogs, to share of their own struggles and successes. Other human beings who show me I am not unique. Others who show me I have value. That recovery does depend upon we. That we are never alone.

Just want to say thank you.


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Garnet said...

Bless you. We are not alone. Thanks for your comments on my blog, too. Thinking of you and your journey forward.

Syd said...

Glad that you made a decision. I guess that we are not truly unique even beneath all the uniqueness. I see so many people who have the same stories with slightly different characters in place. The complexity of our brains is awesome but the emotions that we feel are so similar.

Lou said...

I struggle a lot with what I should do, what I want to do, always trying to cram one more thing into the day. Then feeling sad and guilty when I don't. I'm so hard on myself. I have to read that new book, take a class, pick up another hobby.

I even schedule my relaxing time, and then keep it to a time limit!

Something that takes ongoing work for me...

Anonymous said...

I love how you used the steps to make your decision. School, work, recovery, family, it is a balancing act that can get very difficult. I started taking classes at six months sober, took two classes a semester and worked full time and God's grace kept me sober. It was very stressful. But it is what I needed to do at the time, because it kept me from dealing with a lot of stuff. When I took a semester off, all that stuff came crashing down and I almost drank. Now thank God I have more classes behind me than in front of me. I learned to slow down and take care of myself too. School will always be there. The ones you are helping now may not.
God Bless.