Saturday, February 6, 2010

a bit of sun

I think I'll stay out of the shadows this morning.

Today, I get to move my running up a notch. My first try at walking two and running four minutes. Last week, when I moved up to three minutes of running, I was struck by how stiff I could feel after running only 18 minutes in total.

We are still dancing, having learnt the basic steps to the Cha Cha earlier this week. We are supposed to move our hips in this one, but if I move the hips, I loose the step. Two things at once?

Tonight, I'm heading up to where I received addiction treatment a few years back. I get to tell my story to the batch of current patients. I have a lot of gratitude that I was asked to do so, a lot of fear that I was asked to do so, fear that I could find enough words to last 45 minutes. I trust that the right words will come out, I don't want to spend the whole day rehearsing in my head what I'm going to say. I'm taking all of your hope and experience with me, I'm not going alone. Trust.

There have been lots of newcomers this past week. Lots of opportunity to share and to talk. Opportunity to just listen to some of the old timers who are struggling this week.

My addicted child was at the same meeting I attended one night. He was asked to share and spoke very well. He spoke of not being alone, of the friendship and the camaraderie that he was finding, of the joy and happiness that can be found in recovery if you embrace the program and not just flirt around the edges. He teaches me.

I am grateful to be sober, grateful to have breath. This morning, the sun is shining and there's a bit of work to do around the house. Grateful.

Just for today.

Photo Credit: J Gil


Syd said...

Great for you on the running and the dancing. I used to do a lot of both. Maybe when there is more time, I will get back to some of both. Sailing and work and meetings take up a lot of my time now.

Lou said...

I would love to hear my son tell his story. Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

This was a great(ful) post!