Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It was district meeting time and I am thankful to the person who gave me some new glasses to wear when I attend those meetings. I used to get so frustrated at the inefficiencies of the business meeting, at all the contrary opinions, at how I never seemed to have anything wise to say. The new glasses allowed me to see the passion that each person brings to the meeting, how much they care for A.A. and want it to grow and thrive. That they treasure the sobriety of others as much as they treasure their own. Yesterday, those glasses put a smile on my face as we opinionated a motion. Nice to see people that care.

At dance lessons, last night, we had so much fun. Doing the steps, feeling the Cha Cha Cha in the music, my partner smiling non-stop. At the end, we learned the fundamental steps of the waltz. We felt so elegent in that gliding step.

The company announced to us at a meeting at work that they were dipping into our wallets one more time. Someone calculated we were approached a wage and benefit loss of close to 20%. I could feel myself sliding into darkness as I ground that around in my head. But the good news is that I still get 80% and get to stay close to my family. And it didn't take away from the pleasure of dancing with my partner. And I am clean and sober and slept reasonably well.

Someone said something like "change your mind and change your world?"

Just for today.

Photo Credit: Gilderic


Garnet said...

The joy of dance and the serenity of good positive thinking. Outwardly messy. Inwardly strong. Sounds like a good day.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I want to learn the cha, cha, cha! That sounds awesome!

Syd said...

Nice. I used to take salsa lessons but stopped after a while. I began to feel too self-conscious.

Findon said...

I like the new glasses analogy. I found that AA business meetings taught me tolerance and understanding, mainly of myself. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Take care