Sunday, February 7, 2010

the open door.

I am full of gratitude for being allowed to share my story last night. Being able to remember my story in front of a room full of people, connecting with the past, realizing again the changes that have happened, seeing the gift that was given to me.

The promise that we would not regret the past, we would no longer shut the door on it, seems to be coming true. As I shared my past, I could connect with a room full of folk, new in recovery. I'm hoping that we all could choose to stay in recovery one more day. The honest sharing of our experiences gives each other hope.

There is another level about my past. That I can explore it and learn from my past. That by looking at my past, especially in a 4th and 5th step, will help me to change in the future. Combining that with step 8 and 9 and change comes a bit easier. What comes to mind is a ninth I did with my boss, making an amends for all the anger I had tossed his way. There came a time shortly after when I started to feel anger towards him again, and didn't express it, but went to acceptance. There is a lot of power in step 9. There has been a couple or a few times when my anger did flare up inappropriately and because of step 9, I dealt with it quickly, apologizing to the people at work quickly. The past can give us so much. It has given me so much this past week.

I am grateful that I can be sober and clean today. Just for today.

Photo Credit: Tangent~Artifact


Annette said...

My past is a gift. Its one of my greatest teachers and I am grateful. Yes, there is pain and sometimes there is regret but what has been accomplished is a miracle. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Syd said...

I am sure your story was good. I heard one last night that had a lot about recovery. It was very moving.