Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roses or Thorns

Been a while since I've updated. Still working through the issues surrounding my interest in resentments. Working through the steps with a small group of men. Finished my fourth and am going to do a fifth step this weekend. Discovering that dealing with resentments is just like dealing with fears. I have to nip the thought at the bud, not to let it grow any further. The more I mull the resentment around in my head, the deeper it's hooks get into me, the more angry I become.

I have been reading a book of Rumi poems as part of my morning meditation. I came across some wonderful wisdom so I am going to give the rest of my post over to Rumi:

... Now, if you can look at the flowers in a garden day and night, why would you wander in a briar patch or a snake pit? Love everybody so that you may always stay among the flowers of the garden. If you hate everybody and image enemies everywhere, it would be like wandering day and night in a briar patch or snake pit.

The saints love everybody and see everything as good, not for anyone else's sake but for their own, lest a hateful, detestable image come into their view. Since there is no choice in this world but to think of people, the saints have striven to think of everybody as a friend, so that hatred may not mar their way. (The Rumi Collection)


Grace-WorkinProgress said...

It is good see you post again. I have that book and it has helped me too.

One passage talks about how hope in not always a good thing it can sometimes keep us from moving on past a truly hopeless situation.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

:) Thanks for sharing..
yes anger, all those mental yukky things, seem to all be habits. spotting them early and not wallowing in them is a good habit to aim for. so easy to not pay attention and become mired in negativity.. :) Sounds like you are working hard on your recovery :)
Thanks for the Rumi. i love his poems as well :)

Syd said...

I have a daily Rumi meditation book as well. He is one of my favorites. Why indeed would I wander into a snake pit?